QALab PoliInfo2

In NTCIR-15 QA Lab-PoliInfo-2, we have proposed three tasks (Stance Classification task, Dialog Summarization task, Entity Linking task) for the purpose of presenting appropriate information in solving political issues.


Stance classification task

Stance classification task aims at estimating politician's position from politician's utterances. In PoliInfo2, system participating in the task estimates the stances of political parties from the utterances of the members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Given the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, topics (agenda), member's list and political denomination list, and the systems classify their stance into two categories (agree or disagree) for each agenda.

Dialog summarization task

Dialog summarization task aims at summarizing the transcript of local assembly, taking the structure of dialogue into account. In PoliInfo2, systems participating in this task summarize the transcript based on the dialogue structure, which consists of “Members' questions” and “Governor's answer”. Given the transcript and summary conditions (speaker name and number of summary characters etc), they generate the structured document.

Entity linking task

Entity linking task aims at identifying political terms included in politicians' statements, and is to resolve mention recognition, disambiguation and linking the mention with the knowledge base. In PoliInfo2, Entity linking is the task of assigning a unique identity of "legal name" which is one of the political terms. Given local assembly member's utterances, and systems extract a mention of “law name” and link the mention with the list of law names or Wikipedia.

Leader board

Dialog Summarization task

ID Team Name Comment JSON Datetime ROUGE-1-R
137 TO NLP2020で発表した結果 download 2020-06-17 17:40:03 0.2436
141 JRIRD BERTで要約元を決定しUniLMで生成しました。各モデルは日本語Wikipediaで事前学習したものを使用しています。 2020-06-29 09:00:00 0.2865

Stance Classification task

ID Team Name Comment JSON Datetime Accuracy
126 akbl 定例会の議事録のみをルールベース上で使用 2020-06-12 12:46:09 0.9472
129 rnyk ルールベースで本会議の処理 2020-06-12 19:57:45 0.9499
130 wer99 データ更新に対応して一部見直し、既存のバグを一部修正 2020-06-12 21:05:06 0.9382
131 wer99 議事録を使用。一部処理時のエラーを修正 2020-06-13 00:01:58 0.9422
132 akbl ルールベースに自作の議員名/所属会派辞書を適用 2020-06-13 17:59:22 0.9466
136 akbl 定例会の議事録のみをルールベース上で使用 2020-06-17 13:46:02 0.8927
139 akbl 定例会の議事録のみをルールベース上で使用。各所のエラーを修正 2020-06-19 00:08:18 0.9494
140 Ibrk 発言者ごとに賛成、反対の議案を抽出し、その会派ごとの賛成、反対として出力。発言者がいない場合は賛成を出力。 2020-06-19 14:40:38 0.8839
143 knlab Fixed the error. download 2020-06-29 22:58:44 0.9523

過去のバージョン: v20200522(2020年5月22日~6月4日の結果) | v20200310(2020年5月21日以前の結果)

Entity Linking task

ID Team Name Comment JSON Datetime End to End
108 HUHKA download 2020-05-13 16:24:12 0.4049


July 12th 2019:Task Registration Due
Sep 30th 2019: NTCIR-15 Kickoff Event in NII, Tokyo
Oct 18th 2019: First Round Table Meeting in NII, Tokyo
Dec 10th 2019: Second Round Table Meeting in NII, Tokyo
Dec 15th 2019: Registration Start
Feb 15th 2020: Dataset Release *
Mar 16th 2020: Third round table meeting in NLP2020 We can not hold the table meeting because of COVID-19.
Apr 23rd 2020: First online round table meeting using zoom
Apr 30th 2019: Deadline for registration  The  deadline is extended until July 12th
May 7th 2020: Dry Run*
May 27th 2020: Second online round table meeting using zoom
Jun 27th 2020: Third online round table meeting using zoom
Jun 30th 2020: Submission Deadline for Dry Run
Jun 1st-12th 2020: Update of dataset
Jul 12th 2019: Deadline for registration
Jul 13th 2020: Formal Run
Jul 31st 2020: Submission Deadline for Formal Run
Aug 1st – 7th 2020: Evaluation by participants
Aug 8th – 14th 2020: Evaluation by organizers
Aug 15th 2020: Evaluation Result Release
Aug 2020: Fourth Round Table Meeting()
Sep 1st 2020: Task over view paper release (draft)
Sep 2020: Submission deadline of participant papers (draft)
Nov 1st 2020: Camera-read participant paper submission deadline
Dec 8th-11th 2020: NTCIR-15 Conference & EVIA 2020 in NII, Tokyo



Kenichi Yokote
Hideyuki Shibuki
National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Yasuhiro Ogawa
Nagoya University
Akiba Tomoyoshi
Toyohashi University of Technology
Yoshioka Masaharu
Hokkaido University
Teruko Mitamura
Carnegie Mellon University, USA
Madoka Ishioroshi
National Institute of Informatics, Japan
Keiichi Takamaru
Utsunomiya Kyowa University, Japan
Yuzu Uchida
Hokkai-Gakuen University, Japan
Hokuto Ototake
Fukuoka University, Japan
Yasutomo Kimura
Otaru University of Commerce, Japan and RIKEN, Japan
Sasaki Minoru
Ibaraki University


Satoshi Sekine
Noriko Kando
National Institute of Informatics
Tatsunori Mori
YOKOHAMA National University
Kenji Araki
Hokkaido University