QALab PoliInfo2

In NTCIR15 QA Lab-PoliInfo2, we propose three tasks (Entity Linking task, Dialog Summarization task, Stance Classification task) to solve political issues by natural language processing.


Entity linking task

Entity linking task aims at identifying political terms included in politicians' statements, and is to resolve mention recognition, disambiguation and linking the mention with the knowledge base. In PoliInfo2, Entity linking is the task of assigning a unique identity of "legal name" which is one of the political terms. Given local assembly member's utterances, and systems extract a mention of “law name” and link the mention with the list of law names or Wikipedia.

Dialog summarization task

Dialog summarization task aims at summarizing the transcript of local assembly, taking the structure of dialogue into account. In PoliInfo2, systems participating in this task summarize the transcript based on the dialogue structure, which consists of “Members' questions” and “Governor's answer”. Given the transcript and summary conditions (speaker name and number of summary characters etc), they generate the structured document.

Stance classification task

Stance classification task aims at estimating politician's position from politician's utterances. In PoliInfo2, system participating in the task estimates the stances of political parties  from the utterances of the members of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly. Given the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly, topics (agenda), member's list and political denomination list, and the systems classify their stance into two categories (agree or disagree) for each agenda.


Sep 30th 2019: NTCIR-15 Kickoff Event in NII, Tokyo
Oct 18th 2019: First Round Table Meeting in NII, Tokyo
Dec 10th 2019: Second Round Table Meeting in NII, Tokyo
Dec 15th 2019: Registration Start
Feb 1st 2020: Dataset Release *
Mar 16th-19th 2020: Third round table meeting in NLP2020
Apr 30th 2019: Task Registration Due
May 7th 2020: Dry Run*
Jun 30th 2020: Submission Deadline for Dry Run
Jun 1st-12th 2020: Update of dataset
Jul 13th 2020: Formal Run
Jul 31st 2020: Submission Deadline for Formal Run
Aug 1st – 7th 2020: Evaluation by participants
Aug 8th – 14th 2020: Evaluation by organizers
Aug 15th 2020: Evaluation Result Release
Aug 2020: Fourth Round Table Meeting()
Sep 1st 2020: Task over view paper release (draft)
Sep 2020: Submission deadline of participant papers (draft)
Nov 1st 2020: Camera-read participant paper submission deadline
Dec 5th-8th 2020: NTCIR-15 Conference & EVIA 2020 in NII, Tokyo